Yes, yes and yes.

I think I’ve *finally* finished work for the day. I may even - shock! horror! - set an email out-of-office responder till tomorrow. inorite?

There are Twiki noises coming from the bathroom.

RT @wowser: I thought I’d completed a triathlon today, but apparently napping, eating marzipan and wanking aren’t so-called ‘sports’.

This. RT @encratica: Christmas time, misanthrope and whine.

Doing my hair and putting on a posh frock for a thing.

This evening’s achievement: beat @encratica at Puzzle Quest - my first time playing it. *does irritating ‘victory is mine!!!’ air-punches*

Oh, new followers (hi!): I mostly tweet about cats, robots, feminism, politics and cake. I swear like fuck. I rarely talk about cock. Sorry.

Totally agree. MT @jackschofield: How Facebook is ruining sharing, by @mollywood at CNet @guardian app implicated

This needs a RT. It’s a puffling. In a bucket. You will love it: via @encratica